Friday, May 18, 2007

Back in full gear

After IIMI fiasco, I am back to my GMAT preparation in full gear. Took a day off justto recollect what all I needed to do. I did one IMS MaxGMAT test. IMS tests are the worst I have ever seen. 8 questions in RC passage, very first question was RC, loads of DI question, dicey options. It reminded me of IMS CAT test series. Thankfuuly it didn't have the vocabulary based questions. They are their favorite.

Anyways, I found spidey's notes for SC on esnips. Excellent compilation I must say. One must get hold of it and go through it. Besides that I am still stuck with 1000SC by ScoreTop (1000 is a bit too much). I don't think one needs an OG if he does the 1000 series by ScoreTop which is free also.

I am planning to take one PowerPrep test today. Will update about the score in my next post.

As of now, the material I am referring to is:

Scoretop 1000 series
OG 10 and 11
Princeton Tests
Kaplan Tests
Powerprep Tests

I still have some 15-16 days to go before GMAT and I must grow serious atleast now.

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