Thursday, May 24, 2007

10 days to go

Oh God! Only 10 days. I was taken aback when I saw calendar yesterday. I counted the tests I am left with (4 Kaps, 3 Prins, 1PowerPrep) 8 tests and just 10 days.

So I took one Kaplan test today. I remember Anurag told me that he never scored more that 630s in Kaplan tests. And when I sat for the test today in the morning, I was determined to crack it. But the result is as follows.

620 (50 qa, 31 va)

A 31 in VA sounds horrible. The questions were so lengthy that almost all of them required a considerate amount of time to be put. No RC passage was any easy in language and all were pretty long ones.

I've been doing some research on the schools I'll be applying to. Would write a detailed post for that after my GMAT.

Plan for next few days is to take three more Kaplan tests. To exert myself before putting myself in the highest gear. Lets see how it works out.

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