Sunday, June 3, 2007

Countdown Ends

I wrote my last mock GMAT today. In last 2 days I have written 3 mocks. Two yesterday and one today. And this has really been tiring. In two of these I have written essays also. And I must say AWA guide by ScoreTop has really been helpful. Here's my performance tally in these three mocks

Princeton 3 - 700
Princeton 4 - 720
Powerprep 2 - 770 (qa 50, va 45)

So it ended on a happy note. But would be more pleased if it repeats in actual GMAT on tuesday.
I have managed to get a leave on monday somehow. I had to slog a bit on friday by staying in office till 11pm.

Doesn't matter. Lets see how it goes. My next post will come on tuesday after the GMAT.

Wish me luck...

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