Saturday, May 19, 2007

Take 4

So here's the story till now:

Princeton I : 720 (50 QA 38 VA)
Manhattan : 670-690
IMS : 630 (never gonna look at IMS again)
PowerPrep I : 750 (50 QA 41 VA)

So finally touched the 750 mark. The paper was fine. Though if I had known the definition of "Median" I could have got 51 in maths. And that could have meant a yummy 760 (i m lovin' it). But its fine... lets be slow and steady.

Best thing was that questions were unseen (except for 1-2 SC questions which anyways were easy). They have claimed that PowerPrep has all the questions different from OG 11th ed.
The best test I must say. For obvious reasons, closest to GMAT.

And now I think.... I didn't even know what a "Median" means....


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Parimal said...

Great post especially for me as I'm not very well educated for shortlisting b-schools. Wud b of gr8 help.