Thursday, November 1, 2007

Darden Submitted

I clicked a submit of darden app yesterday. Both my recommenders also submitted their recos yesterday itself. So it was again a last day affair if not the last minute one. Next in line is Tuck which happens to be my darling school.

Darden essays didn't take me long to finish. Either I have learnt the art of essay writing or my reviewers have got bored of asking me to change things in my essays. Whatever it be, after darden I think I won't take much time in writing for Tuck. More so because I have put the maximum number of my research hours on Tuck.

Life has been going topsy-turvy these days so I am not in a mood to write too much. Would sure attend the darden reception on Saturday though. After reading Dave for MBA's blog, I did get more inquisitive about darden MBA. It indeed makes a huge difference if you get to visit school. I ain't no lucky in that but atleast good people keep on blogging so that people like me get to know of things.

Plans for next few days, darden reception on saturday and then Tuck it is... Th elast school in R1 for me.

Good luck dreamer...!!!


MBAandBeyond said...


I am going thro' the same dilemma you went thro' between MIT Sloan and Kellog.

Can you pls share your email id so that I can touch base with u..

Oops said...

hey hows it going man? did u submit tuck?