Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tuck Done!!

So with Tuck down, my next target is Emory which has rolling admissions. I won't delay much and will try to submit it by mid december after the Emory reception in India.

Tuck application was easier though I wasted 5-6 days in the begining of November doing nothing. Thanks to Chaos who brought back my focus and I could complete the application in time.

Next Target, MBA Tour in bangalore on 1st december. BTW Emory was allowing to schedule interview for this meet initially but now they changed it to invitation only. Goodness!!! there indeed are lots of applicants from India :(


MBAandBeyond said...

Did you attend the MBA tour in Bangalore?

How did you find Emory?

Dreamer said...

@mbaandbeyond... life is chaos and i am in its full grip. I am not applying to Emory now... Didn't attend the tour.