Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Death Sentence for Kellogg Essays

Two of my reviewers gave a plain death sentence to the first draft of my Kellogg essays. I wasn't happy with the first draft when I wrote it but its always painful to see a brutal murder of eight pages of life story.

Actually I wrote them few days back in very disturbed state of mind. And because I knew that the disturbance was there to stay, I chose to write the essays in the situation of writer's block I had. Now today I got unhappy replies from two of my favorite reviewers. Both tore my first essay and suggested loads of improvements in other essays.

And I went into the mode of introspection for my essays. Following are some ideas I could gather as a checklist for consideration while proofreading essay before giving out for reviews.

1) Follow SAR wherever applicable... SAR is Situation > Action > Result flow for putting an idea in essay.
2) Locate a what/how in every sentence you read and answer it in the next sentence or the same sentence.
3) Condense ideas wherever possible.

I'll keep updating this space as I find more on this. Till then let me get back and work on the kellogg essays draft 2

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Shahid said...

Don't give up - most people have the experiences they need, it's just finding the right way to say it.

Good luck!