Sunday, September 2, 2007

Essays started

Bad that I was out of blogging for so long but it was for a cause. I was drowned into first set of my essays. Did first, second and third drafts and got them reviewed iteratively by some friends. A mix of closest friends to aquiantance one of whom had converted ISB call last year.

And you know what... its important to understand the suggestions but impossible to implement them all... cause they can be poles apart.

Anyways I read somewhere that the essays for first school take the longest and by the time we are into third school, it becomes a lot easier to do the essays. But the first essays take real long time. At times when I got frustrated, I just stepped outside and thought why didn't I join IIM Indore, only to regain the confidence back and get back to applications.

Few days back a friend asked me that in my school selection criteria, I have not selected Kellogg but in my page my R1 schools have Kellogg too. Actually a month back when I talked to my recommender, he asked me why am I not applying to top five. He told me that I must try atleast one or two of them. Well given a choice between HBS/Stanford GSB/ Wharton/ Kellogg/ Chicago, I chose Kellogg as Wharton/Stanford ask for exceptional acads, HBS kinda looks out of reach for a general profile like mine, Kellogg's emphasis on teamwork attracted me. A bit of more research, a glance at essays and I knew that I like Kelloggs. Not so huge class size, emphasis on teamwork, good placement percentage for consulting etc attracted me. Though Kellogg is more known for Marketing, I loved the number of electives they have to offer. I can customize the course in whatever way I want. So I knew that Kellogg was going to be the addition.

Few days back I got an anonymous comment by Holden on one of my previous posts. The reply in itself would be a post. Will write on it when I get to it. As of now I have Kellogg lined up. Will officially start on Kellogg essays tomorrow.

Will be a lot more frequent in next one to two weeks as I have a lot to discuss.


MBA Podcaster said...

Sounds like Kellogg can be a good fit for you. Have you visited?

I like your comment about it being important to understand feedback but don't necessarily have to implement it all. You don't want to squeeze in suggestions that just won't work with the flow of your essays.

Chaos said...

I agree with mba podcaster. You have to sift through the comments. Oh of course, sometimes the sales pitch for a change could be attractive enough you know. :D

Dreamer said...

@MBA Podcaster: Unfortunately I couldn't visit any of the schools I am applying to when I was in US. Loads of work and I was on West coast.

Appreciate your inputs. Its always great to have people like you around and giving inputs when we need them the most.

@chaos: that sales pitch was too refined to be sifted. thanks for your valuable inputs. thats precisely why I'll always look for comments no matter how critical they are.