Monday, August 13, 2007

Million dollars or Knighthood

Lemme tell you one thing, no matter how early you start, you'll always face a time crunch for essays and applications. I have been writing essays for ISB these days and boy, its one hell of a task. For the first essay about diverse ISB culture, I wrote some 4-5 drafts before arriving at first rough draft. The word limit of 300 words is too crippling. Anyways I found the third essay about manager's feedback easy. The second essay is still my concern. I wrote one draft for it which was rejected by my friends (I am sending essays to friends for review). I sat yesterday to write it again and wrote a modified draft. I don't think I myself am convinced by it. So let me put my thoughts in here.

A million dollars mean independence from constraints. Its about freeing myself from the biggest need of life. So what would I do if I have million dollars. Now ISB won't have any interest in my dream about spending my life on hawaii beaches. The decision should be reflective of my character. Well, the character which I have shown in my other essays. It can be related to a passion of life. For example, I am from Bihar, a state in India. Whenever I go outside for lunch or dinner, I see restaurants on rajasthani theme, punjabi theme, bengali theme, gujrati theme etc. I have never ever seen any restaurant on bihari theme. There are lots of food preparations specific to Bihar which are very tasty but unknown to people outside. Maybe I would like to open a chain of restaurants which showcase the food of Bihar, the festivals we celebrate and the food specific to those festivals. It would also show the positive side of the state which is already infamous for a lot other wrong things.

Knighthood. Knighthood is also about a passion. But this passion is about a much larger impact. Its about impact on society. Maybe its about setting an example for the world. All of us dream of some ways we can improve the world. Recieving a national honor for the same would mean setting a path for the next generations. Its about bringing that passion out and showing it to the world.

I am not sure if I am right about the interpretations. Please comment if you think it should be something else. Now when it comes to writing about this, it is difficult to take things out of heart into the mind, translate in english and write. I felt the need for a structural approach for the same. To avoid bias, I am not posting any sample structure.

Now the way I look at it is, its about discovering ourselves. Lets do it.

Updated on 18th August 2007

Thanks a lot guys for your inputs. finally i could successfully write the first draft for the essay. Bihar restaurant was just a time pass example I had taken to understand things, perhaps anon2 took it by words. But in the course I have learnt that the essay demands for things about me and my character. The million dollar approach or Knighthood approach what would I prefer to take in a situation. Any example in this essay dilutes the context and limits it to the example which is highly undesirable.

I got my first draft reviewed by few friends who gave some valuable inputs. Things look better now as far as this essay is concerned.

Thanks to all for their inputs. If someone still has some inputs please comment. It might just be useful for those hitting this page.


Vinit Garg said...

Indeed this essay is thought provoking. I have analyzed that this essay has been put for applicants to really come up with their own creative thoughts.

Having said that, I am too struggling with this essay. While Knighthood provides a logical extension to my "Community Service" stuff, I feel more about Million Dollar. However, as you said, they are not interested whether I will to Paris or to moon..they wanna know me.

Certainly, this is by far the most challenging questions. Hope for best

Anonymous said...

hi, i am a fellow applicant although i havent taken gmat as yet. I am in the process of deciding on schools and preparing mentally for gmat and app process. I am currently in bangalore so it would be great if we can talk or meet. Let me know.


yogesh said...

This essay is a kind of 'googly' . One can get easily carried away and come up with an essay that does not reflect ones persona. I agree with you through this ISB wants to know more about the applicant and his analysis.

Well I am also struggling with this one. Hoping for the best

Anonymous said...

This essay, just as all your essays, should support the themes within your application that make you unique. Opening a Bihar restaurant is not a topic that would support any such theme. If the Bihar culture is what you want to highlight, you could promote the Bihar culture in significantly more meaningful ways with a million dollars.

vibranture said...

hey..bihari cuisine?! well maybe. perhaps will help.

best of luck.

Dreamer said...

@all: thanks for inputs
@vibranture: boy!! people have taken it too seriously :D the bihari food part that is... lolzz
thanks for the link but i have already read it. I found all the analyses for this essay very vague... all talk of things which are clearly visible.

Charu said...

in my opinion you have analyzed the essays correctly... i understand tht bihari food was one example...if u have entreprenuership as ur long term goal u might go ahead with something of that are moving in right direction