Wednesday, August 1, 2007

ISB's Million Dollar Baby

So I started my essay journey with ISB. And I must say this 300 words limit is the biggest problem one will face in ISB essays. I mean when I wrote the first draft of first essay, it was 650 words long with half of the content. I did it 5 times either by trimming off or by writing fresh to arrive at an exact 300 words essay.

I mailed my first essay to three of my close friends (including my brother) for review. And one wrote back suggesting one more instance to add. Boy I still have to understand where to fit that extra sentence.

The 3rd one was smoother. I just had to become my own manager, readout my appraisal form and form it into a paragraph.

The problem is with second essay. Here's what it reads:

A million dollars or knighthood: what would you choose and why? (300 words max)

I want to write about million dollars although all my friends chose Knighthood. I feel more truthful when I think about million dollars. But what to write is my concern. I asked my friends they say what the essay analysts say. Hey btw I found the analysis to this and other essays at these places:

But I am still not able to start off. Chaos gave me lots of suggestions regarding the same. And I understand them all, but its like writing a love letter, you've always known what to write the problem which remains is.... where to start from??? (and this love letter has a word limit too )

Any suggestions...


Chaos said...

How about treating it actually as a love letter?

You have a hundred things to tell your love. But what it is that you would like to tell her first, what is the first thing that comes to you the moment you think of her. Is it her eyes, her hair, her smile. Why does she ignite a hundred feelings in you. the foremost reason?

In short, write about what you are most passionate about. :))

Charu said...

Even I am stuck at the same point..Million Dollar Question..
ISB asks about diversity but this year there are 40 % students from IT background. Many jobs are available in IT and Strategic consulting when you pass out from ISB.

vibranture said...

You might not believe it but its good that you find it difficult. Of course you could go .. moolah or tap on the shoulder by that old bag - but this is definitely better:-)
Give it a few more days. Have your "its tough phase". Then as the good lady Amelia Earhart once said "The most effective way to do it, is to do it."