Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ISB Done Kellogg Next

ISB Over!!! After so many drafts I finally finalized my ISB essays and now have a much better idea of what to write in essays.

Kellogg essays are much better in terms of word limit. Writing an influential Prizes would have been much easier for Eric Segal than an influential Love Story. The more we get to talk of, the better we paint ourselves. And Kellogg essays give doubly spaced 2 pages. Almost double of ISB. Sigh!! That indeed is a relief. Today I was in mood of writing a draft but am feeling very sleepy now. Read a nice article on Kellogg website about the induction of fresher batch.

Meanwhile I also have to write TOEFL. Any pointers on TOEFL preparation? I bought a book which has 6 practice sets and I guess it should be sufficient.After TOEFL I plan to take up the prized MIT essays.

A lot of action is in pipeline and slowly slowly surfacing. An introduction in form of ISB was a good warm up (well actually more than just warm up).

As I step into the US b-school process, I hope to gain more seriousness. Thankfull workload is super mild.

Need to scan a couple of douments and get one photo done and ISB application would be complete :)


Anonymous said...

Thats cool. All the best for Kellog. Kellog is in my mind too.

Chaos said...

Oh dont dwell into the realm you dont know, fellow muggle. :D.
yeah, hope to be more regular and see you too here.