Monday, April 2, 2007

The New Beginning

So here I am writing an MBA blog. I got the inspiration after I went through the blog links sent by a friend who has cracked Emory admit with a handsome schol this year.

My Background:

I am dreamer, did engineering in 2004 and am working for a software firm in bangalore. I wrote CAT last year and got a 99.73 but only one call from IIM Indore. The interview went just fine and I am waiting for the results to be declared on 12th April. I didn't prepare for the GDPI at all as I had no plans of joining IIMI. But now I might join if they send me a call. I don't regret not preparing for the GDPI.

I took the date for GMAT. Its on 5th June at 10AM. I wanted the morning slot as I do my best in the morning. Before that I had taken one Princeton test to assess where do I stand. I managed to get a 51 in Maths and 38 in Verbal. An overall score of 720. Not bad but the verbal score disappointed me. I have bought Princeton Review and managed to get OG 10th and 11th ed.

As of now my preparation is going very slow. I had planned to work on OG 10th in the weekdays and OG 11th in the weekend with one test on weekend.

But looks like I need to replan my studies.

I hope this blog helps me bring the focus I need. Will keep writing.

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