Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back to Apping

My last one month has been very busy. One thing I must tell you is that working at client location is real fun. There was learning, as I worked very closely with my manager, and there were surprises; for instance, one fine morning on my third day at client office, when my manager was gone on a week's vacation, I was called and asked to explain the things we were going to do for them and how such things justified the time we had asked for.

The first thought which ran through my mind was...


Anyways, now I am back to my peaceful world of MBA application. Today Chaos told me that our blogs are featured on Clear Admit as the members of class of 2010 bloggers. So I came here to show the persisting seriousness at my end.

First of all, let me thank all of you who supported me through my indecisive phase just after GMAT. I've gottenn over now and all set for R1 applications.

In next post, I'll discuss my schools (no I dn't own them but it feels good when I say my schools:) ) and why I chose them.

I'll also discuss about the Why MBA essay I've started working on.

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